Bianca V3 is an espresso machine without compromises, with E61 group, manual control of the water flow and dual boiler. It has been created for those demanding baristas !


This group made the history of the Espresso, enabling to brew the best possible espresso at home as well as in Coffee Shop.

With these machines, the most compact in their categories, you have technology that has been refined over time, temperature control and prestigious materials made to last.

Elegance and quality for your inner barista!.

In Bianca V3 we have 4 different mode of use:

1- Sleep mode : after a set time (from 30 to 540 min), the software brings the coffee boiler down to 70°C, while steam boiler goes down to 0°C.

2- Stand-by mode : this is the novelty of Bianca V3. After 30 min, steamand coffee boiler and LCC are turned OFF. This is the factory setting according to the European norms.

3- E-Mode : steam boiler is always OFF

4- Always ON : when the user deactivates stand-by and sleep mode. This means that the machine is always ON.


The new espresso frontier

Bianca is the spearhead of LELIT espresso machines. A real gem that allows expert baristas to have absolute control over espresso extraction through the manual control of the water flow thanks to the wooden Paddle and the management of the parameters with the LCC system.

A long and constant pre-infusion

Bianca does not feature the mechanical pre-infusion present in the traditional E61 group. This is achieved thanks to the use of the LCC and of the paddle, programming the times "pump on" et "pump off" obtaining this way a constant pre-infusion, for a much longer time.


Rotating it, you gradually vary the water flow inside the group until the highest pressure is reached. This way you can manually control every single phase of the coffee extraction to obtain the best possible result in the cup with every type of coffee blend.


It allows to control all the machine parameters, such as the temperature regulation for the coffee extraction and steam delivery, the pre-infusion times, the stand-by times, the possibility of enabling or disabling the steam boiler, the partial and total doses counter and the possibility of visualizing the temperature in °C or °F.

Dual Boiler

Two separate boilers, one for steam and hot water delivery and one for the coffee extraction. A system studied to grant a higher temperature stability and to allow the simultaneous delivery of coffee and .


Repositionable water tank with automatic coupling

Bianca's water tank is seated in the stainless steel external "backpack" to avoid a possible heating up of the water temperature. It can be repositioned on each of the three sides of the machine to better adapt itself to the available space. It can be easily removed to allow an easy cleaning.

Measure the real extraction pressure

Thanks to the manometer on the E61 group you can measure the real pressure on the coffee puck having a much more precise and accurate control of the coffee extraction.

Stainless steel appliance body and parts

The appliance body and the water tray are made in polished AISI 304 stainless steel, the king of all materials, to grant an unlimited lifetime, a superior aesthetic look and an easy cleaning.

Steam-hot water wands with technology cool touch

The new Lelit wands are all cool touch, to avoid any burn and have a new geometry to facilitate cleaning, avoid the limestone formation and allow a more satisfying use experience.

Adjustable feet

Bianca's feet are made of the same wood of all the other machine details and are adjustable in height. This allows a great stability on any surface and, in case of direct plumbing, allows the machine inclination to facilitate the water drain.

Energy saving

Bianca is equipped with a sophisticated energy saving system that allows programming the stand by time, after which the steam boiler is disabled. The coffee boiler maintains a temperature of 70° C and the efficiency of the warming cup surface is kept at 80%. The machine returns in the full energy modus in just 10 minutes, granting this way a significant energy saving.

Technical parameters

A super-performing machine like Bianca must be able to adapt to the different working conditions and to the different extraction needs of each barista. To obtain this result, Bianca is equipped with a technical submenu, where you can customize the settings, such as the PID parameters that determine the thermoregulation.

We have updated the software operating the machine. This allowed us to introduce the new Low flow function, the Stand-by mode and the warm-up optimization.

Low flow function

We would like to underline the most significant improvement of the machine : the Low flow function which could be translated as “reduction of water flow”. In Bianca V3 we automatised the Paddle.

Brewing temperature offset

This value either increases or decreases the coffee boiler temperature during coffee brewing, changing the temperature of the water coming out of the grouphead.

Anti-burn nozzle
Water tank capacity
2.5 L or direct water connection
Rotative 150W
Capacity of the boiler
800 mL
Materials of the Boiler
Stainless steel
58 mm
Automatic cleaning system
Indication for water shortage
Stand-by mode
Appliance body
Mirror polished/brushed stainless steel
1360 watts
120 volts - 60Hz
29 cm / 11.4 inch
40 cm / 15.7 inch
40cm / 15.7 inch + 8,5 cm / 3.1 inch if used with water tank
26,5 kg / 58.5 lb
Accessories included
complete 58 mm portafilter with 1 dose, 2 doses and 2 doses plus filters, bottomless Ø58 mm portafilter, blind filter, 70 L resin filter, 58.55 mm stainless steel tamper with aluminium handle, group head brush, microfiber cloth, optional steam wand nozzle and water connections and drain kits.


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